Moskva (all stations), Sankt-Peterburg (all stations)
Sankt-Peterburg (all stations), Moskva (all stations)
1 December, 2 December
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railroad tickets Kambarka → Prokopyevsk (all stations)

Get the schedule of passenger trains from Kambarka to Prokopyevsk. Please note there are can be changes in the schedule. This page shows current train schedule for 2020 .

Timetable Kambarka — Prokopyevsk (all stations)

What trains operate on this route
Arrival and departure at Moscow time
Train routeDeparture
from Kambarka
to Prokopyevsk
Travel timeTrain number
Kambarka  Prokopyevsk13:59  from Kambarka 02:48 on the second day to Prokopyevsk Prokopyevsk Pass1 day 12 hrs 118Н
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