Moskva (all stations), Sankt-Peterburg (all stations)
Sankt-Peterburg (all stations), Moskva (all stations)
14 December, 15 December
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railroad tickets Sevastopol → Krasnodar (all stations)

Ticket sale started for 12 March
Get the schedule of passenger trains from Sevastopol to Krasnodar. Please note there are can be changes in the schedule. This page shows current train schedule for 2019 .
Only buses are available for this route. The first bus takes passengers to the ferry crossing, and after that they continue the trip with another bus. You need a ticket to take a ferry or a bus. You can buy a ticket at the station ticket offices, together with a railway ticket or show a ticket bought in advance. The tickets are available not later than twenty-four hours before departure.

Timetable Sevastopol — Krasnodar (all stations)

What trains operate on this route