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Sankt-Peterburg (all stations), Moskva (all stations)
8 August, 9 August
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railroad tickets Zabaikalsk → Bilyutui

Get the schedule of passenger trains from Zabaykalsk to Bilitui. Please note there are can be changes in the schedule. This page shows current train schedule for 2022 .
Every day at 3:30 Moscow time tickets are not available for sale online and  at railway station offices for about 30 minutes due to  booking system technical break. You can book tickets online when the break is over.

Timetable Zabaikalsk — Bilyutui

What trains operate on this route
Arrival and departure at Moscow time
Train routeDeparture
from Zabaykalsk
to Bilitui
Travel timeTrain number
Zabaykalsk  Bilitui14:14  from Zabaykalsk 14:49  to Bilitui 35 mins683Ч
Train rating
942 ₽
1 519 ₽
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