Moskva (all stations), Sankt-Peterburg (all stations)
Sankt-Peterburg (all stations), Moskva (all stations)
10 December, 11 December
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railroad tickets Novokuznetsk Gorod (all stations) → Abakan

Ticket sale started for 8 March
Get the schedule of passenger trains from Novokuznetsk to Abakan. Please note there are can be changes in the schedule. This page shows current train schedule for 2019 .

Timetable Novokuznetsk Gorod (all stations) — Abakan

What trains operate on this route
Arrival and departure at Moscow time
Train routeDeparture
from Novokuznetsk
to Abakan
Travel timeTrain number
Novokuznetsk  Abakan18:23  from Novokuznetsk Novokuznetsk03:05 the next day to Abakan 8 hrs 42 mins078Ы
683 ₽
1 329 ₽
1 165 ₽
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